Month: February 2016


What If I’m Not an Elephant?

I don’t recall thinking too much about politics as I was growing up. Apparently though, I was emotionally invested. When President Reagan left office I sobbed hysterically. It wasn’t because I was a Republican. It was because I was an…

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Best Picture Nominees and What it Means to Be Human

Let’s acknowledge the elephant in the room: If you take the time to watch all eight of this year’s Academy Award nominees for Best Picture, you’re going to see eight stories about straight white folks. This year’s list of nominees…

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Three Little Birds

The bus ride from school was always the same. As soon as the school bus neared the block where our tiny apartment sat in between dilapidated houses, my palms grew sweaty and my stomach turned to knots. I would take…

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Labyrinth of Faith

Making Room for Others on the Spiral Labyrinth of Faith | Dear Addie #3

My brothers and I grew up attending an evangelical non-denominational church whose theology ranged from Baptist all the way to Charismatic depending on the pastor. Everything was described as “epic,” there were electric guitars during worship, and weekly we heard…

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Halfhearted About God

In the darkness of my parents’ basement I slide open the movie drawer, looking for the sky blue case of the VHS tape of Hoosiers. I don’t find it. It’s not there. Maybe it’s broken? Or maybe, I start to…

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This Hurts. Where Are You?

Not long after the first anxiety attack, I stopped leaning on God for help.   Before I had a name for it, it was simply this strange, overwhelming force that took over like a flood of cold water. It was…

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mercies in failure

Mercies in Failure

This morning I woke up reeling from a bad dream. It was one of those dreams that drops me right back into my past—full of people, places, and feelings from which I thought I had moved on. I felt dizzy…

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whats wrong with church

What’s Wrong with Church?

There’s a lot wrong with the church today. Your church, my church, the neighbor’s church, the church you aren’t going to, the church you attend currently, the church you used to go to, the Catholics, the Protestants, the Baptists, the…

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Behind the Veil

When I was a sophomore at Taylor University in 2008, I took a class called Modern Middle East. over the course of the class, we Skyped with an alumna and her Palestinian husband, two computers connecting a classroom with a…

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