Month: January 2016

while we weep

While We Weep

“My doctor says I’m cured,” she tells me over the phone. Cured. Cancer doctors don’t throw that word around a lot. It’s a miracle, really, given that only 10 percent of people with her diagnosis live past five years, and she’s surpassed that with minimal…

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same god

Discussing the Same God of Christians, Muslims, and Professors

For many Christians, the Wheaton College affair has provided a mouthful of theological and cultural tension.     For the Chewing   In 2011, on a chilly night in December, I sat in the upstairs bar of an under-the-train-tracks gourmet…

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conversations about dying

Conversations about Dying with my Four-Year Old

“It’s no secret / That the both of us are running out of time.” —Adele   It started slowly. At first, I thought we had a handle on it.   My four-year-old daughter, Zoe, asked my husband what happens when…

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Dear Addie Intro

When You Want to Believe…and Can’t | Dear Addie Column #2

Dear Addie, Like you, I was raised in the depths of a Midwestern Evangelical church and family. I was the perfect-score Awana memorizer in elementary, self-declared saver of the ¨lost¨ in Junior High, worship team and multiple Bible study leader…

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The Spiritual Act of Cooking for Myself

This Christmas I received a cookbook as a gift. It’s a new one by Ruth Reichl, who was the editor of Gourmet magazine until 2009 when they closed. The book is about those days after she lost her job. She found…

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i choose light

Kicked Out of Church

When I was sixteen, a revival group came to our church for a week in an effort to pump up our Baptist hearts for evangelism. We youth group kids got relegated to a Sunday school classroom down the hall from…

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guilt trip

The Guilt Trip

I have four mostly-unread devotionals in the door of my car, stuck in with a road map, my wallet, a tube of sunscreen. Every day I reach for my wallet, think about that sunscreen that I never use, and I…

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At one in the morning I followed my mom’s gurney down the sixth floor hallway of Building G to the ICU. I carried our purses from the floor above, where her cancer treatments had begun, until the side effects we…

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