Month: December 2015

top posts 2015

Top Posts of 2015

Off the Page began posting pieces three times a week earlier this year. This is the 232nd post we’ve published. We’ve published pieces from 34 different writers all across the United States, and now have a writing duo from our…

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favs from 2015

Writer Favorites from 2015

We love our writers here at Off the Page and are interested in what interests them. So we asked them what their favorite songs, books, and movies from 2015 were. At worst, you’ll be exposed to something you’ve not heard…

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loneliest season

The Loneliest Season

Christmas has always made me feel a little sad and a little lonely. As a young girl waiting to open her presents on Christmas, I always felt a hint of melancholy. My mind would wander to people who might be…

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“You don’t believe in Santa,” my daughter said to me the other day, her voice dreamy and absent-minded as she colored away at our kitchen table. I didn’t quite know how to respond. She is five now, old enough to…

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John 3:16 Mad Lib

I once heard a pastor substitute my name in the most famous verses from the New Testament: “For God so loved Sarah he gave his one and only Son, that if she believed in him she would not perish but…

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Dear Addie Intro

Lonely at Church | Dear Addie Advice Column #1

Dear Addie, As a single woman in her mid-twenties I am struggling to find my way. I struggle to find community. I have more non-Christian friends than Christian ones. I so crave community. I even told a pastor that I…

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bit players of star wars

Being the Hero of the Story: Thoughts upon Seeing The Forces Awakens [NO SPOILERS]

The tricky thing about writing about The Force Awakens is that most everyone has agreed on one important rule: NO SPOILERS. I fully support the spoiler ban and allowed myself to watch only the film’s theatrical trailers in the months…

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Dinner and the With-ness of God

My favorite characteristic of God’s love is most evident to me at Christmas when we sing about Emmanuel—God with us. I call this attribute his with-ness.   I experienced this with-ness tangibly through the gift of friendship these last few…

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When Children Appear

During the hurried disquiet commonly referred to as “The Holidays,” the spinning seems relentless, doesn’t it? But every now and then—especially when we least expect it—the world slows.   Or, at least, it appears to slow. Either way, it allows…

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Star Wars and Nontraditional Family

“Now remember, Chewbacca, you have a responsibility for me, so don’t do anything foolish.” —C-3PO, The Empire Strikes Back   After living in the same town for eight years and the same state my entire life, I decided this spring…

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