Month: November 2015

black lives matter

Black Lives Matter and the Life Giving Power of Words

Black Lives Matter.   This phrase has been the source of much contention and debate in recent months. In response to ongoing incidents involving police that resulted in the deaths of Black Americans, “Black Lives Matter” is a bold statement…

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relating to parents

Relating to Parents in Our Twenties

Something happens in our relationship with our parents as we crawl from age 20 to 30.   Fights are no longer about curfew or getting grounded; they are deeper, full of blame, and laced in personal dysfunction. “You were never…

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The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2: Crisis of Trust & Faith

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2 is, more than any of the other films in the Hunger Games franchise, a war movie. The handful of new characters who show up for this final installment are defined by their military rank…

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life to come

The Life to Come

About three years ago, my mom had some weird abdominal pain, went to the emergency room, and learned she had kidney cancer. Six weeks later, the doctors removed one of her kidneys, and ever since, the weight of chronic illness…

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greater than terror

Not Allowing Terror to Cast Out Love

The most recent terrorist attacks in France have once again forced Christians to face head-on the question, what can we say in the face of violence? What can we do? What are we supposed to feel? Sadness, lament, outrage, anger,…

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runners wall

Feeling Weary

The sensation isn’t your typical fatigue.   It’s accompanied by a host of other ailments both physiological and psychological: shortness of breath, fear, Jell-O legs, dread, and rationalizations. A survival mechanism seems to set in, trying to trick you into…

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Dear Addie Intro

Dear Addie: Introduction

This fall, at a weird little “resort” in the Wisconsin Dells that had two goats and a wasp-infested outdoor pool, I cracked open Cheryl Strayed’s book Tiny Beautiful Things: Advice on Love and Life from Dear Sugar, and I learned…

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be not afriad

Be Not Afraid

We don’t know quite what else to do We have all our beliefs But we don’t want our beliefs God of peace, We want you. –Aaron Weiss   I have irrational fears.   They used to be small–pumping my own…

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Learning from Paris: Triumphing in Tragedy

My family warned me about going on the trip. The phone calls, text messages, and emails came in rapidly after eight members from varying sects of ISIS executed a calculated attack in the 11th arr. of Paris, just miles from…

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